Every year we give away Simple Drinking Water systems to some of the poorest communities around the world. On this page you can read about the foundation, its structure and purpose, as well as apply to be gifted with a Simple Drinking Water system if you live in a disadvantaged community or work with those who are.

The system is simple, yet innovative and helps millions of people around the world who do not have easy access to clean drinking water. These people are exposed to various water-borne diseases on a daily basis and by bringing the Simple Drinking Water system to their communities, they are empowered with the basics of running water and the possibility of a life free from viruses in the water they drink, that we so often take for granted in first world countries.

1. Structure of the Foundation

The foundation is called Simple Drinking Water Foundation (UK). It is run and managed by one of the companies in the Rockstar Hubs International Group of companies. Experienced and trusted asset managers have been appointedin order to manage the fund, the proceeds of which go towards purchasing the manufacture of the Simple Drinking Water system, its delivery and also the installation within disadvantaged communities all around the world.

The advisory board of the foundation nominates, at its discretion, those communities to whom it will gift the Simple Drinking Water system. All funds raised are wired to a client trust account nominated by the Rockstar Hubs International lawyers. Investors and those who donate can be safe in the knowledge that only the highest integrity is applied when handling all funds sent to Rockstar Hubs International for allocation to the Simple Drinking Water system.

2. Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of Simple Drinking Water Foundation (UK) is to raise money so that the proceeds can go towards purchasing Simple Drinking Water systems, including their delivery and installation within the poorest communities around the world.If you are interesting in donating forever or investing for a specified period of time, please see the options below and click for further detailed information. All funds go directly into the foundation for the time period chosen, after which investors will receive their investments back. All funds will be allocated according to the needs of the communities involved.

The foundation’s aim is to raise funds with the assistance of those people who are fortunate enough to be able to donate or invest, enabling the team behind the Simple Drinking Water systems to take them to those communities who so desperately need them.

3. Apply for a Gifted System

To apply for a system to be gifted to your community, please write to with your details and location, requesting to be placed on the list of nominees.

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